Frequently Asked Questions

You may become a member by joining one of the local construction associations which belong to BIE, or you automatically become a member by obtaining your company’s workers compensation insurance via Lovell Safety Management’s Safety Group 469.  View the full list of BIE member associations here.

The $100 invoice received each March is the annual dues to BIE for those employers who are enrolled in Lovell’s Safety Group 469 and do not belong to a BIE affiliate construction association which is a member of BIE.  As an affinity program of BIE, membership is required to have access to the workers compensation program.

Yes.  Simply complete a membership application for your regional construction association that is a member of BIE.  By becoming a member of your regional association that is a member of BIE you will receive all of the benefits and services from the association as well as Lovell’s workers compensation Safety Group 469. 

Great question!  Please click here to learn about the BIE logo.

The Board typically meets twice per year, however, it is not uncommon for the association executives to meet more frequently to address industry issues. Learn more about the BIE Board Members here

BIE is unable to provide an answer to those two questions.  It seems our elected officials continuously create rules, regulations, and laws that adversely impact construction industry employers across New York State.  That is why BIE is engaged in, and supports, legislative initiatives which are in the best interest of construction contractors, project owners, the construction industry in general and New York State taxpayers.

BIE has a staff eager to assist employers who have questions.  We prefer speaking with people on the phone, so call Melissa Gould at 315-437-4050 or if you prefer to email Melissa with your question you may do so at